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My name is Salajan Vasile Dorin, I am the owner of the dog nursery „BODYGUARD FORCE“, I live in the locality Şimand, Arad county, Romania and I breed Rottweilers since 1995, when I bought the first female Rottweiler „POLLUX EDDA“, who, without possessing any notable expositional qualities, was the one who cultivated my love for this breed, by its very special character (temperament, tameness, attachment, etc.) thus making me appreciate and really feel attached to this wonderful breed. Even though also other breeds like: Bullmastiff, Enghish Cocker Spaniel, Romanian Mioritic Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd, German Shepherd passed through my dog nursery, no other breed besides the Rottweiler remained close to my heart, and this is due to this breed’s character and qualities. Year by year my passion for the Rottweiler increased and materialized in the acquisition of a number of dogs belonging to this breed, the most important acquisition being that of 1999, of the remarkable male RJCH BRONCO VOM NATKAI originating from the well-known dog nursery Vom Natkai, which proved to be a valuable show dog as well as a very appreciated reproductive male, the shows won by him as well as by his products being outstanding; I could say that he was the foundation stone of this dog nursery. The link that was created between me and the Rottweiler made me buy also females Rottweiler, for reproduction purposes, more and more valuable, the last acquisition being RJCH CABIRUS BESSZ, who registered an exceptional expositional first appearance. In 1999, my passion for this breed made me change the profile of the work line within Arad County Police Department, accepting to take part in 2000, at the course organized by Sibiu’s School of Dressage, with a dog belonging to the Rottweiler breed „VOXAR“ for the purpose of his preparation as dog used for work purposes in the specialty „trakking“. The course lasted 6 months and at the end of it, I succeeded in training him, obtaining the mark: 9,97 (of 10,00). Since then and till the present moment I kept having very good results with this faithful „partner“, who proved his usefulness in serving the police forces. For more information about the dogs from this dog nursery I invite you to access the following pages.

Faithfully yours,

Salajan Vasile Dorin





Mr. Vasile Dorin Salajan

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